Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crossing Boundaries

To my band "Crossing Boundaries" a big thank you, the sincerest I can possibly squeeze out of my heart. I have much respect, honor and love for you guys. You all have been a life line to a life I thought I had to leave behind. You have given me hope and given me a reason to carry on doing what I love to do the most in this world, to rock!

Do check out the most awesome band in Monash University Sunway Campus(well it's my personal thought) at Crossing Boundaries on Facebook. These are my comrades in the ever noble struggle in liberating the minds of the oppressed youth with the salvation that the Rock brings (Rock as in music, not to be confused with Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock) This post is a tribute to my brothers in arms, entrusted with the sacred responsibility of rocking out hard and loud for the betterment and advancement of mankind.

The Professor: Shaneil Ramon "Paul Johns" Devaser - Guitar/Vocals (top row)
The Lost One: Tristan "k3rc" Devadason - Bass (the fella resting on me)
The OLAF: Edwin Lai - Drums (cute little chinese dude in the front)

Me...i'm the one on guitars and vocals, the bottom center.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Your memories promised not to stay,
but they did it anyway.
Opened up the scars to realize,
what went wrong in the end.

In time you'll learn to say,
that it was better anyway,
to have loved and lost,
than to never had it anyway.

As the sun sets from this dusty room ,
i can see your silhouette.
This night still holds much good.
It's not all that bad.

Permit me to stay awhile.
I wanna wait till the early morn.
To see you laying in sweet surrender,
under shades of grey of the night sky.

Let me be the one who makes it all ok.
If I could make it all go away.
Would you give in to me?
I'll hold you close while we watch the world fade away.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tragic Death of a Socialite

Kind words are the worst kind.
I put a bullet through this head of mine.
Maybe then you’ll see what it is that you see,
All that is inside of me.

False pretense I’ll fake a suicide
It’s the tragic death of a socialite,
One last chance at martyrdom tonight.
And all I see is black and white.

You were my one and my true,
I can’t just throw that away.
I can’t just keep walking on away,
You meant something to me anyway.

I close my eyes to find one more.
Reasons to keep the faith; to continue believing.
But this world turned cold.
Thorns grow all around and prick my soul.

A lone candle in this storm
The struggle is too great to stay warm
And these gale force winds are just too strong.
I’m all now but gone.

Alas now I’m ready to fall
To save you is for me to simply fall
Its ok, I understand, to do what I must do
But would you understand or would you try to?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming Home

More stuff on coming home, a sense of belonging. Guess it was a periodical obsession of mine.

If you had just one chance to make it right,
You'd do it all again, won't you?
From where you were to where you are now,
You'll have to trace your way back home.

The distance from here to there,
There and back again,
You hang on to the thing she said,
And you know everything will be ok.

It doesn't take much to smile back,
Looking back at what has chased you away,
You breathe the breath of freedom,
You don't need to look back.

You barely have enough of her to hang on,
You barely have enough of her to carry on,
And you drag your feet through the sands of time,
Wondering if anything good could have come out of it.

You stretch your hands out to recieve her.
Your tongue is dancing behind your lips for her.
You need her,
You want her.

Jeremiah Abraham Selvaraj
Copyright 2006.

When You Come Home

I finally did get to writing music for this song. One of my later compositions. Before I came back from Singapore.


Of winding roads and blinding light
I’ll write the greatest story,
That this world has ever known, this world has ever known.
You fall back down to hear a sound
The city lights have called you around
They’re just fleeting memories, just fleeting memories.

Pre chorus

Em F Am
Now the time has come for one last dance
Just take a chance,
Em F
Out there in the streets you run,
Just one last time around,


If you could take your time
To say goodbye
Am G C
Would it be easy if you’re not coming home
Would you just stay a while
To say goodbye
Coz it is easy when you just come home.

Wake Up and Good Bye

As I burn up entering the atmosphere,
I try to slow down, taking time to ponder.
All these things that have come undone,
All the lies at the tip of my tongue.

There is no purpose in this,
There is no meaning in this.
All the words I had to say,
Together with the thoughts I had, gone away.

Just maybe, I might see,
There’s something there in between.
Then and there I surrender,

It’s over now the worst has gone.
You take away the weeping as I greet the early morn.
And even for a while I won’t let it be,
Nothing will separate you from me.